FAMSF Board of Trustees

"The Board is responsible for the protection and conservation of the assets of the Fine Arts Museums and for setting the public course the Museums will follow. The Board shall assure that the Museums are open, accessible and vital contributors to the cultural life of the City and County, and that the Museums' programs bring art appreciation and education to all the people of the City and County."

—San Francisco City Charter, Section 5.10

Roster of Trustees

Diane B. Wilsey (President)Belva Davis (Vice President)
Janet BarnesZachary S. Bogue
Carol N. BonnieTracy Burris
Jack CalhounKatherine Harbin Clammer
Marc P. Cruciger, M.D.Juliet de Baubigny
David ChungDenise B. Fitch
David FrazeVanessa Getty
Frankie Jacobs GilletteWheeler S. Griffith
Cynthia Fry GunnLauren Hall
Lucy Young HamiltonHolly Johnson Harris
Laure Fullerton HeadrickGretchen B. Kimball
Yasunobu KyogokuKathryn Lasater
Amy McKnightBryan Meehan
Jason MomentDr. Sarah Ogilvie
Carl PascarellaHeather Preston, M.D.
Lisa SardegnaDr. Richard Scheller
David ShimmonDavid Spencer
Trevor D. TrainaDavid Wadhwani
Lisa Zanze 

Contact Information

Dyanna Quizon
Manager of Board Relations