Creative Notions: Fashion Sketches Inspired by Patrick Kelly

The de Young museum, in partnership with the Kelly Initiative, asked a range of creatives to peek through Patrick Kelly’s love-tinted lenses of style and design. In turn, they sketched, painted, digitized, and colored an array of original and reinterpreted looks. The illustrations pay homage to the designer’s rainbow-hued exuberance, African American vernacular chic, and hallmark trim embellishments. They speak both to Kelly’s wide-reaching influence and the ever-evolving modes of fashion illustration; 60 years old to barely 6, the artists utilized all range of media—from gouache, markers, and crayons to iPad Pros and advanced 3D modeling. The resultant gallery is as celebratory of American fashion’s brightly inclusive future as it is of Kelly’s inspiringly inclusive legacy. Check back each week through February as more looks are added!